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Day 257 - July 12 (continued)

After rafting, we headed back over the pass and drove West towards Idaho.

Our first stop was Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve
The Monument and Preserve encompass three major lava fields
and about 400 miles squared of sagebrush steppe grasslands
to cover a total area of 1117 miles squared
All three lava fields lie along the Great Rift of Idaho
The lava flows range in age from 15,000 to just 2,000 years old
We looked around a little bit (near the visitors center), watched an informational video, and then moved on....
Growing potatoes takes a LOT of water!
Quite cool looking - the spray soaking the ground
We were surrounded by potato fields for most of our drive
And also some small mountains
FINALLY we arrived at our campground in Ketchum (The Meadows) run by a lovely lady named Dottie who was nice enough to charge us for just one site (even though we have 3 cars). We setup camp, had some great bratwurst with sauerkraut, and relaxed outside with (HOORAY) no bugs! Then we were exhausted, so hit the sack.

Day 258 - July 13
After breakfast ......
and drooling at this amazing bus RV next door (I peeked in and saw their HUGE flat screen too!! *sigh*)...
We went into the town of Ketchum for starbucks and the local art fair!

They had a LOT of nice stuff - quite fancy actually!
Then we drove on up to Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

Unbelievably, the visitors center was closed!! So, we drove on up North to just check it out on our own.
We ended up at a gorgeous little lake where we had a nice picnic lunch with a view.
Check that root system still hanging onto that huge rock!
Butterfly & toes

Those up and down a texture.

Here we are at the Big Wood River :)
And at the Wood River Campground - where we stopped to have a look around and throw a coke can in the bin. Although, Murray got yelled at by an old guy for dumping rubbish because he wasn't staying there. Murray apologized, but ya know - we DO have a National Parks pass and you know what - HE doesn't run the park! Ah well.

Back at the campground it was dusty, dry and HOT! We all tried to find a bit of shade, and hid out until the sun went down. Then it was some great bbq beef wraps (with avocado and yellow pepper) YUMM!

Day 259 - July 14

Today is Helen's BIRTHDAY!
She set off with Murray early
And they went off to do a hike
They hiked the tin cup trail which went to McDonalds Lake
They started their hike at Petit lake - early morning stillness was working its magic

The hike up was filled with great sights.

Lake McDonald- gorgeous.
The hike looks worth it.

The Birthday Girl!

Murray & Helen with WOW what a view

Now this is a good idea - strapping a canoe to the top of a pop down camper - you can go anywhere with this setup because there are SO many lakes around this area. Ah and Shelly - Lance - this photo is REALLY for you (notice the name of the camper....)
Murray got attacked by a wolf that afternoon in the visitors center, then off to lunch with Helen.

While Murray and Helen were running around, I drove with my Mom and Dad back to Eastern Idaho and attended a business lunch with my Dad. It was a long drive back, but a successful afternoon - so it was worth it!
That evening we went to dinner at the restaurant recommended by Dottie - the Pioneer Saloon - to celebrate Helen's birthday
She loved the Christmas ornament my parents gave her (oh and of course the lovely crown my Mom got for her)
Me pointing out the cute gift bag we got her :)
And I think she liked the wooden moose carving we gave her - he even got a kiss!
Helen & her moose
And WOW was the food AMAZING!!! Fabulous steak, great grilled veggies & gigantic baked potatoes (I suppose that should be expected in Idaho)!
And we even picked up a special cake for her (and trick candles that we ended up having to dip in water to get them to go out)!
The birthday girl and her many layered chocolate cake!
An Elk head on the wall in the restaurant. We thought the restaurant looked a bit dingy when we peeked in the windows, but actually it was pretty fancy! We were quite impressed!!
Ohhhhhh BEEF ribs
And a PERFECTLY cooked steak!
Murray & his way too big for him boots he spotted as we left the restaurant.

And that is Idaho! Just a quick visit, but we had a great time. Ketchum is a gorgeous little town - REALLY fancy (high end ski area in the winter) - great shops, lovely streets - just a gorgeous little town. It was fantastic to be able to celebrate Helen's birthday with her again as well!

Coming soon............ Montana

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teresa said...

:) thanks for the updates!!
I hope the truck is repaired and you're back on the road now.

I know what you mean about the RV buses - Chris and I knew we never would have been able to go places we did if we had such a beast, but when you live on the road, you can't help but droooooool at the luxury within! (even some w/ pop-out sides for the beds. Holy luxury and space!)

And enjoy steak like that while you can.... though Australians seem to kind of be getting the hang of rare/medium-rare etc, everything seems to be well done over there. Different i'm sure in Sydney, but where Chris is from, steak was pretty much cooked 1 way. Chris always monitors mine on the grill at his folk's house nowadays! ;)

I TOTALLY forgot to tell you - my best friend lives in Montana. I so should have hooked you 2 up, she's so fun, you'd love her. If you're heading back through there, drop me an email! : ) t

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